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High density synthetic sponges are widely used in face painting. High density means that the holes throughout the sponge are very tiny which aids in the absorption of the make-up which produces a better coverage over the skin producing a more flawless and streak-free finish.

Stipple sponges have a large random weave and are used for applying effects such as beard stubble or blood and bruising.

Latex wedges used in cosmetic application are not suitable for face painting as they do not hold adequate product and will cause a smeared and streaking effect on the skin.


sponge for face painting
stipple sponge for face painting
Face Painting Sponge £0.55
Cut in half for best use
Stipple Sponge £1.55
Used for Casualty and Stubble Effects



We have a selection of brushes that are perfect for face painting applications.
As there are so many types of brushes on the market, which can be a
little confusing for a beginner in the industry, the brushes that we sell
are specific favourites of ours to use.
economy face painting brushes
paradise body painting brush
Pack of 5 Economy Brushes
Prisma Body Painting Brushes
MR6 petal brush
S2 face painting brush
ox-hair brush # 8
MR6 Petal
S2 FineLine
Ox-Hair #8
mark reid # 2 brush
mark reid face painting brush 4
mark reid face painting brush 6
Mark Reid #2
Round Brush
Mark Reid #4
Round Brush
Mark Reid #6
Round Brush