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face painting supplies for your hobby or business

Whether you're a seasoned professional face painter in the industry or have recently started and been bitten by the face painting bug, or even just had your very first inclination to get going in a new and exciting venture - then we have all the face painting products that your heart could possibly desire.

face painting supplies by mimicks face painting
brushes ans sponges at mimicks face painting
glitter, glitter gels and puffer glitter at mimicks face painting

The Mimicks team have been face painting for over two decades and have been supplying products to the trade for just as long. With an abundance of products available on the market today, the items sold on this website have all be used extensively by Sherrill and Ashlea and are endorsed on the Mimicks Youtube channel where you can see the products being used to their full glory.

Enjoy browsing and shopping on the Mimicks Product website and please feel free to contact the team should you have any questions regarding any of the make-up shown.

pink tiger face painting by mimicks face painting
logo body painting by mimicks face painting
butterfly face painting by mimicks face painting

Finally..... after years of writing
The Mimicks Business Books are NOW available!

Starting Your
Super Successful
Face Painting Business

Growing Your
Highly Profitable
Face Painting Business

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