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grafitti splash face painting by mimicks


Mehron's Paradise Makeup AQ is a semi-soft; water activated moist cake makeup that sends Body Painting into a new dimension with its wide selection of dynamic colours. Because it is water activated, the hues of the colours can be controlled by the artist. Professional Body Painters and Face Painters love the ease of application and the ability to fully control the depth of colours. The special formula includes aloe and chamomile and the enriching emollients glycerin, avocado oil and cocoa butter. These unique ingredients are safe and gentle on the skin and give Paradise Makeup AQ richer, more vibrant, colour-saturated coverage than ordinary performance makeup.

Black and White Paradise are excellent for vibrant outlining effects.

paradise white face paint
paradise black face paint
paradise blue steel face paint
Blue Steel Metalic
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
40gr £10.25
paradise dark blue face paint
paradise lagoon blue face paint
paradise light blue face paint
Dark Blue
Lagoon Blue
Light Blue
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
paradise sky face paint
paradise violet face paint
paradise teal face paint
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
paradise wild orchid face paint
paradise porto face paint
paradis mauve face paint
Wild Orchid
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
paradise purple face paint
paradise storm cloud face paint
paradise silver bullet face paint
Storm Cloud
Silver Bullet Metalic
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
40gr £10.25
paradise dark pink face paint
paradis light pink face paint
paradise cherry bomb face paint
Dark Pink
Light Pink
Cherry Bomb Metalic
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
40gr £10.25
paradise beach berry face paint
paradise red face paint
paradise sun refelection orange
Beach Berry
Sun Reflection Metalic
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
40gr £10.25
paradise foxy face paint
paradise orange face paint
paradise mango face paint
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
paradise yellow face paint
paradise lime face paint
paradise light green face paint
Light Green
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
paradise amazon green face paint
paradise dark green face paint
paradise deep sea face paint
Amazon Green
Dark Green
Deep Sea
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
paradise olive face paint
paradise dijon face paint
paradise coral face paint
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
paradise faleu face paint
paradise bronze star face paint
paradise copper penny face paint
Bronze Star
Copper Penny Metalic
40gr £8.25
40gr £8.25
40gr £10.25
paradise light brown face paint
paradise gold medal face paint
paradise dark brown face paint
Light Brown
Gold Medal Metalic
Dark Brown
40gr £8.25
40gr £10.25
40gr £8.25