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Illusion Magazine
The Magazine for Today's face and body artist


illusion magazine issue 22
Issue 22 -
Summer 2013

Bursting with Summer Colour

Welcome to the cats issue! When Kelly-Jane Erkin’s gorgeous kitten design popped into the Illusion inbox, it gave us a tingly feeling all over. As soon as we saw it we knew it was going on the front cover. Check out our packed four page special feature and find out why we are convinced that felines are the most important design you will ever learn.

What we’re also sure about is the importance of bringing artists around the world closer together to share and enjoy the face and body painting industry. And what an international issue we’ve got for you this time!

We find out all about Moldova’s first face painter – Olga Meleca and there’s a fascinating interview with Israel’s Nurit Pilchin, who tells us about traditional customs in her country that involve face painting.

And then we meet Sammie Bartko, an American painter who is well on her way to international acclaim with her vivid, neon designs. While Elvis Schmoulianoff seems happy in the UK, Kenya or Australia so long as she is face and body painting or creating wigs and special effects.

Of course there are also all your regular favourites too including Margi Kanter, product reviews and step-by-steps. There are 15 of them in this issue including everything from snakes and fruit to skulls and spiders! Craig Tracy has some really useful advice about working with models in his column. And the impressive artwork that you are sending us is making putting the gallery pages together really difficult. But that’s the kind of challenge that we like!

Illusion Magazine - Summer 2013 Issue 22