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baby butterfly face painting by mimicks face painting

ice fairy face painting by mimicks



Lavish your painted faces with a sprinkling of glitter in a shade to compliment the theme of your design. Girls just love the sparkly effect that glitter produces and you'll even find that boys are happy with a little sprinkle too.


gold poly glitter by grimas
silver poly glitter by grimas
black gold polyglitter by grimas
Gold Glitter 25ml £8.40
Silver Glitter 25ml £8.40
Black Gold Glitter 25ml £8.40
pastel blue poly glitter by grimas
blue poly glitter by grimas
blue black poly glitter by grimas
Pastel Blue Glitter 25ml £8.40
Blue Glitter 25ml £8.40
Blue Black Glitter 25ml £8.40
lilac poly glitter by grimas
purple poly glitter by grimas
multicoloured poly glitter by grimas
Lilac Glitter 25ml £8.40
Purple Glitter 25ml £8.40
Multi Glitter 25ml £8.40
pink poly glitter by grimas
bright pink polyglitter by grimas
white polyglitter by grimas
Pink Glitter 25ml £8.40
Bright Pink Glitter 25ml £8.40
White Glitter 25ml £8.40
bright red poly glitter by grimas
green poly glitter by grimas
copper poly glitter by grimas
Red Glitter 25ml £8.40
Green Glitter 25ml £8.40
Copper Glitter 25ml £8.40

Care should be taken when choosing your loose glitter as metallic craft glitters are not suitable for face painting. A metallic craft glitter feels sharp to the touch when rubbed poly glitters by grimasbetween the fingers. This is due to the particles being cut out in random irregular octagonal shapes that have sharp edges. Should these metal glitter particles enter the eye, mouth or lungs it could have a serious consequence of scratching and causing an open would which could give rise to an infection taking hold. Never use craft glitter in any face painting applications.

Cosmetic polyester glitter on the other-hand is suitable for face painting as it is soft to the touch due to being cut from rounded disc shapes which will not cause any scratching if entering the eye, mouth or lungs. They are also made from a much softer polyester material. Polyglitter  is generally very sparkly and is available in a huge variety of colours to compliment the face painting designs. The best choices to use are gold and silver as these will coordinate with anything.