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sparkly princess face painting by mimicks face painting

blossom face painting by mimicks

glitter gel tip creme by grimas
Glitter Gel is great for adding sparkly
dots to your face painting designs
and looks especially good in the centre of flowers, on the top of a teardrop or to
brush over dried lip-paint. Available in
a variety of colours to enhance your brushstrokes with a touch of sparkle.
sequin stars by grimas


gold glitter gel tip creme by grimas
silver glitter gel tip creme by grimas
Gold Glitter Gel 8ml £3.75
Silver Glitter Gel 8ml £3.75
Multi Glitter Gel 8ml £3.75
blue glitter gel tip creme by grimas
red glitter gel tip creme by grimas
green glitter gel tip cream
Blue Glitter Gel 8ml £3.75
Red Glitter Gel 8ml £3.75
Green Glitter Gel 8ml £3.75



gold stars by grimas
silver stars by grimas
mulricolored stars by grimas
Stars Gold 15ml £3.75
Stars Silver 15ml £3.75
Stars Multi 15ml £3.75




If you wish to use Sequins or Gemstones to adorn your face painting then we highly recommend the Grimas water-soluble spiritgum as it is easily removed with water, without leaving a sticky residue.

wter soluble spiritgum by grimas
Always check first that the customer has no known allergies to skin glues, solvents or latex products.
Spiritgum 10ml £3.75