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Book One:
Starting Your Super Successful Face Painting Business:

Chapter 1 - Starting Out
Chapter 2 Working From Home
Chapter 3 - Building Your Brand
Chapter 4 - Putting Yourself Out There
Chapter 5 - Face Painting at Events
Chapter 6 - Maintaining Industry Standards
Chapter 7 - Customer Care & Communication
Chapter 8 - Products and Equipment
Chapter 9 - Putting Systems in Place
Chapter 10 - Legal Requirements
Chapter 11 - Hygiene Techniques & Procedures
Chapter 12 - Following Legislation & Standards
Chapter 13 - So Where To Now?
Book Two:
Growing Your Highly Profitable Face Painting Business:
Chapter 1 Invest in Yourself
Chapter 2 Taking Consistent Action
Chapter 3 Positive Thinking
Chapter 4 Your Target Market
Chapter 5 Customer Needs
Chapter 6 Customer Care
Chapter 7 Adding Immense Value
Chapter 8 How Are You Selling Yourself?
Chapter 9 Setting Your Prices
Chapter 10 How To Write a Business Plan
Chapter 11 Marketing Your Business
Chapter 12 Advertising Offline
Chapter 13 Advertising Online
Chapter 14 Sales Process
Chapter 15 Keeping Customers Informed
Chapter 16 Testimonials
Chapter 17 Your Golden Opportunities
Chapter 18 Keep On Moving On


Julie Oliver from Illusion Magazine wrote:

"I just wanted to drop you a line and say that today I have been reading your book. I am entranced by its comprehensive guide and the intricate thought process behind this. Like you, I have been in this industry for a very long time and I have learnt so much reading them.
These books will be a valuable bible to face artists around the world. Thank you for putting out books that face painters need and will love.
We truly appreciate the work that you have done for these books.
Bravo Sherrill, we are loving them".




Nicola White FacePainter wrote:

"This book is a must have for ANY face painting business owner, regardless of how long you have been painting. It is filled with refreshing ideas and tools to really boost customer satisfaction and enhance your marketing techniques.
What I really liked about it was how easy and enjoyable it was to read. It had a personal touch so I could relate to what was being said. I also liked how I could pick the book up and read whichever chapter I wanted more information on for that part of my business with ease.
It really is filled with so many fantastic ideas that seem so simple, you wonder why you haven't thought of them earlier. I found myself saying "ahh, that's a good idea!" on several occasions. I will definitely be implementing lots of these into my business, some of which I have done already.
Although it may seem a little expensive to some, it is a fantastic investment into your business which will help to increase your income. I know I will be referring back to mine over the years just to keep my business fresh. Everything that could be covered, is covered. A very enjoyable read and highly recommended"!


Jennie Roberts from Paintopia Face Painting Festival wrote:

"Finally found time last night to start reading these wonderful books and couldn't put them down! They are absolutely fantastic and we would say a MUST HAVE for every Face Painter no matter if you are a beginner or a seasoned pro. Sherrill Church has put her heart and soul into putting them together and they are invaluable for driving your business forward".



Donna McGhie Face Painter & Mural Artiste wrote:

"I have been running a face painting business for a year now, and can highly recommend this book if you are looking for straight forward, no nonsense advice, from someone who has been there and done it, successfully, and is happy to share the secrets of that success. I would say that this book is an investment, as it is not cheap, but then again, you do get what you pay for, and this is jam packed with money making ideas, that have been tried and tested. I have put many of the ideas into practice, and already am reaping the benefits. I was so impressed with it, that I have now bought Sherrill's second book, Growing your Highly Profitable Face Painting Business. Again, absolutely worth every penny"!!