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With Fantastic Fun Face Painting even a beginner can apply the techniques to master a whole range of amazing faces from animals and cartoon characters to monsters and fantasy creations.

As well as over 30 original Face Painting designs, our book also contains a section on spectacular Casualty Simulation, Ageing, Tattoos and Body Painting.

With the help of step-by-step instructions and photographs you can create the faces shown in this book in a matter of minutes for parties, fancy dress and carnivals.

This book is suitable for the complete beginner.

fantastic fun face painting by sherrill leathem

'Fantastic Fun Face Painting'

Author : Sherrill Leathem

Published 1997 :
Sterling Press New York

ISBN  0 8069 9850 4

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These books are the same, but printed by different publishers.
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the complete book of face painting by mimicks

'The Complete Book of Face Painting,
by Mimicks'

Published 1996 :
Ebury Press (Random House)

ISBN  009 181 408 1

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