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bunny rabbit face painting by mimicks

butterfly face painting by mimicks face painting

Containers and Spritzers

grimas system containers for face paintsIf you've checked out our Grimas face paints page you would have read about the fantastic system containers that you can clip your face paint pots onto.

Quite an ingenious little concept here, and very similar to Lego building blocks, is this system that enables you to build your face painting product collection as demand dictates.

So how does it work?

The Grimas A12 tray is very versatile as you are able to clip on a variety of products of your choice. Here are some examples:

12 x individual 15ml pots.
8 x individual 15ml pots, 1 60ml Cup housing a 60ml paint pot.
4 x individual 15ml pots, 2 x 60ml Cups housing 2 60ml paint pots.
3 x 60ml Cups housing 3 60ml paint pots.
3 x 25ml Cups housing 3 x 25ml paint pots.

Once your first tray is complete and full you simply start a second tray with products of your choice, and that second tray will then clip smartly onto the first tray. And so on and so on, until eventually you could end up with 6 trays and an abundant of products fit for a superstar face painter!

A6 Tray for face paints
A12 tray for face paints
cup for face paints
A6 Tray £1.00
A12 Tray £1.50
60ml Cup 75p

P. S Don't discard your empty and used 15ml face paint pots as they're like goldust to get hold of. Simply clean them thoroughly and decant your loose glitter into them. They can then be clipped onto your stacking system for a very neat little glitter display.




No more dipping your sponges into your dirty water pots -
try out these fantastic spritzers or dispensers

spritzer water spray bottle
dish dispenser
Water Spritzer for applying
a fine mist to your sponges
or face paints
Dish Dispenser for adding
a controlled measure of
water to your sponges
Water Spritzer £2.50
Dish Dispenser £7.50